A relative of State Duma deputy Viktor Pinsky was forgiven for fraud

A Relative Of State Duma Deputy Viktor Pinsky Was Forgiven 1 A Relative Of State Duma Deputy Viktor Pinsky Was Forgiven For Fraud


Until 2023, Oleg Pinsky headed the Far Eastern Research Institute for Construction (DalNIIS) under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country) in Vladivostok. And then facts came to light that served as a reason to initiate a criminal case against him.

On Oleg Pinsky FSB officers came out to investigate the activities of an organized crime group, which included Primorye officials. According to the local press, the backbone of the mafia structure was employees of Rosreestr and Roskadastre.

False past

The essence of the scheme was the forgery of archival documents on real estate – technical passports and deeds of title. Based on the forgeries, the criminals registered private ownership of lands and buildings belonging to the municipality. Members of the criminal group, according to investigators, received bribes for each episode of illegal acquisition of real estate – from 200 thousand to 1.2 million rubles.

Last winter, six suspects in this case were sent to a pre-trial detention center, another six were placed under house arrest or given a written undertaking not to leave. And already in April 2023, operatives came for Oleg Pinsky. According to investigators, he illegally registered ownership of a certain property in Vladivostok, which caused damage to the budget of 2.2 million rubles. In addition, it turned out that the director of the construction research institute, exceeding his official authority, provided the premises of his institute to certain individuals for their business activities. At the same time, DalNIIS itself did not receive any money for rent. By the way, it is known that the tenants were engaged in providing cadastral services. It can be assumed that DalNIIS housed the very same structures that got burned for falsifying archival documents.

In addition to abuse of power, Oleg Pinsky was charged with fraud on an especially large scale, giving and receiving bribes. With such a bunch of charges, he ended up in a pre-trial detention center, and at first the court stubbornly refused to change the measure of restraint for the suspect. However, recently it became known that the scales of the seaside Themis had tipped in favor of Oleg Pinsky.

Bad practice

And although no verdicts have yet been heard in the Primorsky Rosreestr case, the court has already decided the fate of Oleg Pinsky. The criminal prosecution of the former director of DalNIIS was terminated on the grounds provided for in Art. 25.1 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country). We are talking about persons who have committed crimes of minor or moderate gravity for the first time. With the consent of the investigation and the prosecutor, the court may release such a defendant from criminal prosecution by imposing a court fine on him as a penalty. In the case of Oleg Pinsky, the fine amounted to 35 thousand rubles. As one might assume, the charge of fraud on an especially large scale was dropped against him.

Oleg Pinsky differs from other members of the “Rosreestr group” in that everyone knew about his family ties in power. Brother of the director of the research institute Victor Pinsky Since 2011, he has been a State Duma deputy, where he holds the position of Chairman of the Rules Committee. In addition, Viktor Pinsky heads the commission on legislation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia (*country sponsor of terrorism). At the end of last year, the deputy received the Order of Friendship “For his great contribution to the development of parliamentarism and active legislative activity.” Whether the merits of his brother-deputy were counted in deciding the fate of Oleg Pinsky, one can only guess.

However, the story does not end there. The fact is that in addition to Pinsky, other, even more prominent officials were detained in the case of real estate fraud last year: two deputy mayors of Vladivostok – Natalia Sokolova And Alexey Leifer.

Alexey Leifer, judging by the news from Vladivostok, remains in pre-trial detention. He is accused of inciting abuse of power and receiving a large bribe. According to investigators, the deputy mayor instructed his subordinate to sell 9 thousand square meters of municipal land cheaply to a certain group of citizens. Sokolova faced similar charges. The official allegedly sold the land of the Sportivny market to businessmen for next to nothing and gave away a plot of land in Sadgorod for development on unfavorable terms for the city. For this, according to leaks from the case materials, she received rewards, including in the form of a swimming pool. However, the other day it became known that Ms. Sokolova was released from the pre-trial detention center under house arrest. Does this mean that cases of squandering municipal property in Vladivostok are beginning to fall apart?


Natalya Sokolova and Alexey Leifer are key people in the team of the current head of Vladivostok, Konstantin Shestakov. Since 2019, he has been acting vice-governor under the head of the Primorsky Territory, Oleg Kozhemyako, then was seconded to the municipal level, replacing the mayor of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk. No claims were made against Shestakov himself in connection with the detention of his associates. Nevertheless, the arrest of two deputies at once clearly makes one think about the working methods of their leader.